Sprouted Cookies

No added sugar, oils, flour or animal products of any kind—Cookies and Bites are the snack we can all feel good about! These little bites manage to satisfy the cravings of all ages, and there’s a good chance that these snacks are highly addictive…in a very good-for-you way! 

Sweet Crunch Cookie

How can three ingredients be so delicious? How can something that satisfies a sweet tooth so completely lack any sugar? It’s the magic combination of the organic and sprouted contents of our Original Super Cookies that make “less” so very much “more”.
From $5.49

Ginger Snap Cookie

If you love the zing of ginger, our Ginger Snaps will be your new treat of choice. Even we’re amazed by how tasty it is to combine coconut, sesame seeds, dates and ginger, proving that a few ingredients can add up to loads of flavor!
From $5.49

Chocolate Cookies

Small, dark and handsome: Say hello to our Chocolate Super Cookies. They’re full of rich, chocolate flavor with a crunch you won’t find in any chocolate bar. The good thing is that we’ve made them so healthy, no one has to feel guilty about indulging in these chocolate treats!
From $5.49

Lemon Pie Cookie

We’ve received reports that these brightly flavored treats are not just addictive, but that we also need to make a bigger bag to sell them in. We couldn’t agree more! Fresh and crunchy, our Lemon Super Cookies have big taste squeezed into a small package.
From $5.49

Spiced Chai Cookie

If you’ve ever thought your cup of chai tea was good enough to eat, you’ll love our Masala Chai Super Cookies! Orange zest brings out the complex flavors of our Indian spice mix, mixed in with coconut and sesame seeds with a touch of sweetness from dates.
From $5.49

Carrot Cake Cookie

The sweetness of carrots married with the spicy flavor of nutmeg—welcome to the delicious Cookie that tastes like a crunchy piece of carrot cake! It’s got the cake flavor with the goodness of a raw snack that your body will thank you for.
From $5.49