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Energy Bar

Get the benefits of the superfood spirulina in our Spirulina Energy Bar. Sweetened with bananas and dates, this bar is a great way to start the day or tame hunger between meals.

1 Small Bar 14g
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1 Large Bar 1.7oz
SKU: 1005
10 Small Bars
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25 Large Bars
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“Eating one for the first time as I type this. Was very skeptical at first. Now a true believer. These bars are awesome. Very yummy.”

Jimmy Paul

“Spirulina Energy Bar, will you marry me?”


“This is THEEEE most awesome product ever. I had to stop eating energy bars because of my issues with the cheap ingredients. But this product is great and it tastes great. Someone has obviously done their homework!!!”

Douglas Wallace

Our Spirulina Energy Bar is a rich source of animal-free protein, vitamins and minerals, plus spirulina itself boosts your immune system while reducing allergic reactions. Coconut is added for more than its tasty flavor—it’s also packed with protein and fiber to make this a bar to keep you full between meals or provide energy for a workout.