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If you love the zing of ginger, our Ginger Snaps will be your new treat of choice. Even we’re amazed by how tasty it is to combine coconut, sesame seeds, dates and ginger, proving that a few ingredients can add up to loads of flavor!

3 oz Bag
SKU: 1708
12 3oz Bags
SKU: 4708

“These are the tastiest snack! I LOVE the true ginger flavor! I'm fairly new to healthy eating and not necessarily looking for RAW foods, but I wanted a healthy snack for work. These are definitely the winner of all the snacks I've tried! And I don't have to feel guilty when I'm done.”


“Simply amazing! They taste just like ginger snap cookies my Grandma use to make! Love, love, love them!”


“The first time I ate a Go Raw cookie, I could not believe how good it was. The ginger snaps are my favorite. I have high blood sugar and cannot eat ANY sugar (or fruit juice), but I can tolerate these cookies. Finally, something sweet that I can actually eat! And it's so healthy--sprouted, raw seeds. Thanks Go Raw!”


We won’t go far as to say these Ginger Snaps will stop arthritis, but the ginger will definitely help arthritic pain, help motion or morning sickness and research even suggests it inhibits the growth of cancer cells! All that and more in a tiny, tasty cookie.

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