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This is our most traditional granola, with juicy raisins to go with a satisfying crunch of buckwheat and flax seeds. Made without grains and nuts, so many of our customers are in love with the delightful flavor of our Live Granola.

1 lb Bag
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6 pack Case
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“Amazingly enough I LOVED this granola (I didn't think I would!). I thought I would have to force it down (I'm trying to eat healthier) but it is an enjoyable and surprisingly sweet snack. I have only tried it plain but look forward to trying it in almond milk. Thank you!”


“This is a great snack just before a workout..great amount of protein and good carbs keep me going longer! Thanks for making this product.”

Exercise Nut

“This granola is a Goddess-send for us, because my husband is allergic to nuts and sesame. It's so hard to find any healthy products without those!”


Our simple Live Granola is gluten-free by using buckwheat groats, a fantastic source of fiber and protein. A diet high in buckwheat has been linked to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels as well as helping to protect against gallstones and heart disease.

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