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POSTED: Jan 26, 2017

Freeland Foods Inc. to Contribute to Feeding America

San Jose, Calif: (Jan. 26 2017) Freeland Foods Inc. makers of Go Raw, and leaders in the sprouted & raw food category began a holiday campaign during the months of November and December. The goal being  to contribute a 10 meal match to the Feeding America Organization (per every online order made, within the timeframe).

“The campaign to contribute to the organizations overall goal of  lending support to those that are living with food insecurities turned out to be a success!” said Anne-Sophie Mommessin, Director of Marketing at Freeland Foods Inc.. “We were looking  to find a way to engage our customers in an effort that will benefit the community at large. We felt that it was a great way to lead by example, and match their purchases with donations to Feeding America. We strongly believe in the organizations mission and feel grateful our customers also wanted to play a part.”

As a result of the two month holiday campaign the company will make a donation that will contribute to roughly 900 meals to those in need.

About Go Raw:
Go Raw offers healthy, junk free snacks created with the intention for a better world and a healthier body. Go Raw products are crafted from all organic, raw, sprouted ingredients, resulting in a nutrient dense, enzyme-packed snack. Created by Robert Freeland, founder and CEO of the world’s largest raw food manufacturer, Freeland Foods Inc., Go Raw Junk Free Food snacks are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, sprouted and always raw. Available in a variety of categories including sprouted bars, sprouted cookies, salad snax and even raw chocolate, the brand features tantalizing flavor profiles such as spiced chai, lemon pie and spicy fiesta. Go Raw is a delicious, family-friendly, organic choice, available nationwide. For more information visit

Please find the Go Raw press kit here.