POSTED: Dec 12, 2016

Mind Body Green - Grocery Shopping with a Nutritionist

As a functional medicine nutritionist with more than a decade of experience, I've got my nutrition down — and I have to. I have two busy practices in both NYC and LA, and once a week I fly between these two cities. That means I need convenient travel snack options as well as meals that are intensely nutrient-dense.

When I shop, I don't want to think about HFCS, GMOs, aspartame, and trans fats, nor do I want to think about nonsustainable sourcing options. Whole Foods Market has become the safer (and quicker) shopping playground because it's done part of the work for me. As I've been shopping there for 10 years, it's like home to me. I know where everything is!

On this trip to Whole Foods Market, the 12 items I picked up were:

Go Raw Sweet Spirulina Sprouted Bar

This is a throw-in-your-handbag bar and is ideal for travel. It contains only five ingredients — all raw and all real. It's not overly sweet, and, with the added spirulina, it gives a hint of iodine to support the thyroid function and keep my metabolism firing.

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