POSTED: Mar 1, 2016

Prevention Magazine - Cleanest Package Food Awards

In an ideal world, we'd all have organic farmers for neighbors and cook every meal from scratch. But short of a back-to-the-land-and-kitchen revolt, packaged foods are necessary - and many aren't even remotely evil when you know what to look for.
We've cut through the hype and scrutinized hundred of labels to bring you a shopping list of 100 truly clean sides, snacks, meals and staples.

These products earn our pick because they: 1. Contain no more than 10g of added sugars. 2. Are low in or devoid of synthetic or artifical ingredients. 3. Prioritize organic, sustainably sourced, and NON-GMO ingredients. 4. Prioritize toxin-free or eco-friendly packaging. 5. Are made without excess sodium. 6. Are new to the market within the past 18 months. 7. Taste absolutely delicious.

Go Raw Salad Snax

Enjoy this incredibly tasty salad of seasoned dried veggies for 35 calories. ($5.49)

Food award Key: Organic - Vegan - Dairy-Free - Gluten-Free - Weight loss friendly - Paleo

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