POSTED: Nov 25, 2016

The Magnolia Mamas - 5 Allergy Free Lunch Ideas

One of the tougher parts of my lunch box packing is that I have children with food allergies or food sensitivities. Taking that into account each day - as well thinking of the sweet children in my kids classrooms that have severe allergies - can make the art of lunch box packing tedious. Trust me, it's an art. 


I try to keep lunch as simple as possible since each child has different allergies or classroom restrictions. While I would love to create amazing themed lunches, it's not always the easiest with limitations. Label checking has become a habit I don't even think of any more, and I've been super lucky that over the last few years more brands are becoming allergy conscious. I've stumbled upon, or been introduced to a few yummy kid-free options that help make allergy free lunches an easier part of my school prep.

Since all three of my children have presented allergies out of the womb, while nursing I have to eliminate allergens from my diet as well. Over the years both the kids and I have done some major taste testing in regards to allergy free brands. Some are winners in the taste department, and some my taste buds would rather forget coming in contact with. Some of my favorite allergy free brands are: 

Go Raw - The cookies remind me slightly of a slightly thicker rice cake, but they are yummy! The Ginger Snap flavor is our favorite. 

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