POSTED: Jun 2, 2016

TrendHunter Lifestyle - Dried Salad Snacks

Go Raw's  "Salad Snax" are made with assorted dried vegetables

While eating a bowl of salad typically requires ustensils, Go Raw's Salad Snax provides an easy way to enjoy a flavorful assortment of dried vegetable on the go.
Flavors like Rowdy Ranch, Thousand Island and Raspberry Vinaigrette take  inspiration from classic salad dressing flavors and transform salads into a  desirable snacks that offer the same satisfying crunch  and a flavor  as a potato chip.
The rise of healthy  has created  a booming  market for kale chips and other alternative vegetable snacks, but these portable Salad Snax provide an assortment of flavors from ingredients like cabbage, carrots, spinach and more in a single package. These Salad Snax will be enticing to those who love salads and want to enjoy them in a new form, as well as consumers who want to adopt healthier snacking habits.

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