Picture of Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

Sprouted Pumpkin

If you loved pumpkin seeds as a kid around Halloween, you’ll be addicted to our Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds. Crunchy, full of flavor and with just a kiss of Celtic sea salt, these seeds are so versatile, you’ll find yourself putting them on everything!

1 lb Bag
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6 pack Case
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“The sprouted pumpkin seeds are amazing. They are the best pumpkin seeds ever!! I think I am in love. Thanks!”


“Incredible, as all your products have been. These filled my craving for a slice of toast this morning - so much better for most of us.”


“OMG, these are so buttery and rich, with the perfect amount of seasonings! I inhale this stuff and smile.”


Pumpkin seeds are full of goodness, and have been widely praised as a great source of zinc—great for a healthy prostate and bones, among other benefits. They also have essential fatty and amino acids, provide high protein levels for vegetarians and can help lower cholesterol levels. Pumpkin seeds alone are powerhouses, but when they’re sprouted, they have all the crunch of a roasted seed without losing the natural enzymes needed for easy digestion.